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MA Publishing takeover 08: Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing more about the projects we’ve been working on. It’s fantastic to have a resource like IGNITE where we can share..

MA Publishing takeover 07: Reading Passport

For the final dive into our MA Publishing projects as part of the IGNITE Festival of Creativity 2020-21, we’re delighted to tell you all about..

MA Publishing takeover 06: Rights2

While our latest blogs exploring the work undertaken by MA Publishing students 2020-21 have focused on the marketing and events side of the industry, this..

MA Publishing takeover 05: Shekinah

In our previous blog post we reflected on one of the MA Publishing 2020-21 projects with a focus on supporting and improving mental health, and..

MA Publishing takeover 04: I’m Fine

In our last blog post we looked at a project aimed at helping young children express and manage their emotions, but it’s not just kids..

MA Publishing takeover 03: Indy and the Lion-Sized Worries

The children’s publishing theme from Save our Seas! continues in this blog with a focus on one of the other projects undertaken by MA Publishing students through 2020-21: Indy and..

MA Publishing takeover 02: Save our Seas!

Moving on from INK, the University’s creative writing journal, we wanted to introduce you to another one of our ‘newborn’ projects. Save Our Seas! is an anthology of..

MA Publishing takeover 01: INK creative writing journal

We’re starting our MA Publishing takeover with a focus on INK, the University’s own creative writing and visual arts journal, partly because it arrived hot off the press last week (see..

MA Publishing takeover 00: Introduction

MA Publishing are delighted to be running a takeover of the IGNITE News blog as part of the ongoing Festival of Creativity. Throughout this week..

Creative thinking remodels Plymouth end of year shows

Two of the South West’s most respected higher education institutions have worked together to create a unique spin on the traditional arts degree show via..