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Graduate Spotlight 12: Ivana Slavcheva, BA Hons Film Graduate

After the great feedback and success of publishing our IGNITE website and social media platforms, we decided to shine a spotlight on one graduate, who has uploaded their portfolio to the IGNITE website, each week. Through our Weekly Graduate Spotlight, the graduate chosen will have their work and their experience of The University of Plymouth or Plymouth College of Art promoted and celebrated on our various IGNITE platforms.

Ivana’s Experience of Studying at Plymouth College of Art

While at High School in Bulgaria, Ivana was initially attracted to the prospect of attending Plymouth College of Art when she discovered the outstanding equipment available to students while studying. From her first day, she was not disappointed, not only are the students permitted to use the equipment, they are actively encouraged by her lecturers to explore the capabilities of the industry-level, professional facilities.

“I remember how from the very first day we were not just allowed but strongly encouraged to book out gear and get various inductions for the equipment the ERC provided. To me this was fascinating, especially because the learning process was going to be a lot more hands-on and practice-led than what I was used too.” – Ivana Slavcheva, Ba Hons Film Graduate

However, it was during the second-year ‘Screencraft’ module when Ivana felt she gained a unique experience and insight into the world of filmmaking. The module involved working within a large team, each member is given a different crew role, which replicated the authenticity of a real film set. The teams were given a large warehouse and the space to build their own set, dressed with the budget provided by Plymouth College of Art and were given the responsibility of casting their own actors, writing a script and lighting the set.

“It was a unique experience that built up our trust as a team and helped everyone find their own niche role in filmmaking. This was the module that helped me decide for sure that filmmaking was what I wanted to do.” – Ivana Slavcheva, Ba Hons Film Graduate

Post-Graduation Plans

Although Plymouth will always feel very special to Ivana, as this was her first every home here in the UK, she has decided to continue her journey, develop her filmmaking skills and make more connections by studying a Masters degree in Bristol.

“I will definitely be looking for a film-related career in the Southwest and I know for a fact that the skills PCA equipped me with are more than enough to find me the perfect job.” – Ivana Slavcheva, Ba Hons Film Graduate

How Careers support and IGNITE has benefitted Ivana

Due to UK Lockdown, the Graduate Show this year had to be cancelled, which left a lot of students including Ivana feeling anxious that all their efforts and hard work would go unnoticed. However, when her tutors told her about IGNITE, she was extremely excited about the opportunities this could bring in place of the planned Grad Show.

“I believe that given the circumstances, IGNITE is truly the only and best way to safely showcase our work, develop professional connections and gain publicity during the current conditions.” – Ivana Slavcheva, Ba Hons Film Graduate