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Graduate Spotlight 09: Isobel Thomas, Graphic Communication with Typology Graduate

After the great feedback and success of publishing our IGNITE website and social media platforms, we decided to shine a spotlight on one graduate, who has uploaded their portfolio to the IGNITE website, each week. Through our Weekly Graduate Spotlight, the graduate chosen will have their work and their experience of The University of Plymouth or Plymouth College of Art promoted and celebrated on our various IGNITE platforms.

Isobel’s Experience of Studying at The University of Plymouth

While studying on the BA (Hons) Graphic Communication with Typology undergraduate degree at The University of Plymouth, Isobel was encouraged by lecturers and course mates to take risks within her work and push her ideas to the best they could be. The intimacy of having a small year group throughout her degree meant that Isobel benefitted from a supportive environment and a good rapport with her lecturers and fellow students, while learning about and experimenting with new artistic styles and methods. What’s more, the outstanding views of the city available to Isobel from her studio space was an excellent source of inspiration.

Outside the walls of the university, Plymouth has provided Isobel with a happy medium between the atmosphere and buzz of a campus centred in the heart of a bustling city and the natural beauty of the stretching coastlines and off-road pathways through Dartmoor. Through having such a diverse area to study, Isobel was able to gain a degree without limitations, with the natural and urban landscape providing endless influence in her work.

“We were always being encouraged to take risks and push our ideas further, making sure we got the most out of a project. Looking back, I have learnt so much over the past three years and my eyes have been opened to a whole array of opportunities.” – Isobel Thomas, Graphic Communication with Typology Graduate  

Post-Graduation Plans

Equipped with a degree in an area she is passionate about, Isobel plans to gain relevant industry experience by pursuing a range of internships before seeking a job at a design studio that specialises in branding and identity, which is Isobel’s specialist area.

“Careers support and the IGNITE website are really important, especially with so much uncertainty at the moment. I hope some opportunities will arise as a result.” – Isobel Thomas, Graphic Communication with Typology Graduate 

Overcoming Challenges

As with many students completing their degree this year, Isobel’s final three months at university were weighted with the restrictions of UK Lockdown due to COVID-19. Due to the restrictions, Isobel’s biggest challenge was the inability to be around like-minded people who she could collaborate and share ideas with. However, as a result of this challenge, Isobel has learned to be resilient in her work while also broadening her communication skills in order to be able to work collaboratively across digital interfaces.