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Graduate Spotlight 02: Matt Holmes, 3D Design Graduate

After the great feedback and success of publishing our IGNITE website and social media platforms, we decided to shine a spotlight on one graduate, who has uploaded their portfolio to the IGNITE website, each week. Through our Weekly Graduate Spotlight, the graduate chosen will have their work and their experience of The University of Plymouth or Plymouth College of Art promoted and celebrated on our various IGNITE platforms.

Matt’s Experience of Studying at The University of Plymouth

For Matt, the 3D Design Undergraduate degree at The University of Plymouth wouldn’t have been the same without the devoted hard work of the technical teams at the university, as well as the impressive facilities available to the students. The technicians, always happy to help with any project or problem thrown their way, have been unfalteringly helpful for the students and are always willing to get involved with any project.

The vast facilities available at the university have given Matt an extremely diverse and interesting experience of 3D Design during the course of his undergraduate degree. From the opportunity to work with techniques hundreds of years old with the Letterpress one day, to stepping straight back into the 21st Century with cutting-edge CNC digital fabrication equipment the next. Because of the versatile opportunities offered to Matt during his degree, he will be graduating with a broad range of knowledge and skills which he can bring with him into every job role.

However, it is not only the fantastic opportunities available on the 3D Design Undergraduate’s degree which have made Matt’s experience of The University of Plymouth so exceptional, it is also the location and physical landscape surrounding the university. From the inspiration of living a short walk to the seaside, to the creative buzz and character found in the city hub, the feel of Plymouth is something which has fed into Matt’s course; with a feeling of a close-knit community within his course group, working and learning together in one highly creative space.

Post-Graduation Plans

After the unexpectedly abrupt end to his Undergraduate Degree due to COVID-19, Matt feels as though he is not quite finished studying in Plymouth. Therefore, he has planned to further his learning and experience with The University of Plymouth, by studying a Master’s Degree on the MA Design course in September.

“I look forward to continuing to work with staff and students to really push my own design work by returning to study here again. I’ve really loved living in the South West during my degree and I’m not ready to leave such a vibrant, creative community just yet!” – Matt Holmes, 3D Design Graduate.

Matt’s plans after his time at The University of Plymouth comes to an end, will be to seek a studio or collective of makers to work with and work toward running a studio of his own.  In particular, Matt would love to continue developing his PressPrint project and hopes to find the space to hold interactive workshops for likeminded designers, makers and hobbyists looking for things to explore.

“My experience ranges from woodwork to CNC to 3D printing and I would like to find somewhere in the future where I could continue to expand on these skills that I have developed during my time at the University of Plymouth.” Matt Holmes, 3D Design Graduate.

Overcoming Challenges

Due to COVID-19, Matt had to adapt his final project due to being separated from the facilities he had planned to use for it, however, the biggest part of the facilities that he missed was the design studio itself. With the open space, the creative buzz of people working on a wide array of projects and, in particular, the opportunity to discuss and bounce ideas of others is, for Matt, a key part of studying a creative degree such as 3D Design. Despite the challenge of not being able to access those facilities or that same creative atmosphere, Matt is extremely proud of what he has achieved in his work during the lockdown measures. In fact, the challenge of adapting to an entirely new situation has given Matt the opportunity to learn to be more flexible in the designing and making process.

“I have hopefully now set the foundations to continue developing my final major project in a way that is more far reaching than it would have been if I had not been pushed to think outside the socially-distanced box.” – Matt Holmes, 3D Design Graduate.

How Careers Support and IGNITE Has Benefitted Matt

Due to attending a number of workshops and webinars which have been hosted by the Plymouth Careers Service, Matt has been able to make the most of his IGNITE profile, facilitating many of the ideas and tips from the Workshops while building his online profile. Furthermore, Matt plans to use those same tips and ideas to support future job applications and interviews.

“I look forward to being able to share my profile with potential employers and know that my work is presented in the best light possible amongst so many of my talented friends and colleagues.” – Matt Holmes, 3D Design Graduate.