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MA Publishing takeover 05: Shekinah

In our previous blog post we reflected on one of the MA Publishing 2020-21 projects with a focus on supporting and improving mental health, and that’s a topic which resonated with our next team as well. 

We were approached by Shekinah (https://www.shekinah.co.uk) a local charity supporting adults in recovery, whether from  homelessness, drug and alcohol issues, offending  behaviours  or mental ill health. Shekinah were seeking help with their editorial, marketing and design strategies.  

In response to the brief, students divided up the work with Sophie Fisher leading on Editorial, Lucy Rouget on Marketing and Bethany Preston on Design.

After analysing requirements, the team put together a package of work that included writing, copyediting and publishing a  series of interviews on the charity’s website. They developed a coordinated social media strategy, introducing new design templates for the charity to use (and featuring original illustrative work from Lucy Rouget, including the design featured in the header here). They also put together companion print marketing materials (featuring QR codes)  that are now in use around the city.

 In each case, the team had to consider both their client needs and how best to appeal to potential donors/supporters – it was a challenge to find ways to deliver a positive message without undermining the serious challenges experienced by many of the service users. The team worked carefully on the selection of language, images and colours to ensure their assets fully met this brief, as you can see from Bethany’s powerful design work below:

Lynda Cooper, Lecturer in Publishing commented: 

“The local flavour of this project was important to the team: the opportunity to do something practical to help the Plymouth community was really welcomed, and I hope that the students’ work and commitment directly helps Shekinah in the coming months. It’s been an especially challenging time for fundraising and the team had to think creatively about how best to position requests for future funding while also relationship-building with potential donors through blog posts and social media; I think they managed it all with skill and imagination”.