Union Street Show
12th October 2021 - 23rd October 2021
11:00 Doors open
11:00 Event commence
15:00 Event close
Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3NE, United Kingdom

The global pandemic sadly saw the cancellation of festivals, shows, celebrations and exhibitions across the world. This has put us in a unique position, of kick-starting a return to the new normal, rather than lamenting opportunities that have been lost, we have the chance of ‘ReThinking, ReConnecting and ReMaking’

Through performative works, such as a propaganda printer encouraging audiences to participate in the discussion for social change, repairable ventilators, mindful VR storytelling, dementia care and AI, community based architecture, illustrators working with graphic medicine, autobiography, and raising awareness of SEN educational needs to designers designing climate awareness to cyber punk jewelry.

The aim of the Union Street Show from the 12th to the 23rd of October is to generate meaningful discussion about how art and design, in all its forms, can shape change whilst promoting and presenting art and design research, social enterprise and cultural change making. Hosted and supported by the Nudge Community, the Millennium Building will be transformed from the into a one-off exhibition space across three floors with a floor dedicated to Plymouth social enterprises, offering a variety of amenities from delicious snacks to creative workshops for all ages. Come and take a look around and get involved in making positive change in Plymouth.